Hair Replacement

Get a full head of hair without surgery

Enjoy effective hair replacement services that are non-invasive and non-surgical

Achieve your desired hair style with hair integration

Hair integration is the perfect option if you have up to 25% density loss. It’s a popular way to achieve a beautiful head of hair utilizing your existing hair.

With hair integration, we design a system to fit the exact size and shape of the thinning area to create a full look. There are different integration systems depending on your unique needs.

Hair integration is perfect for short hair. It may not work for everyone, however, so it’s important to speak with a member of staff about your needs.

Enjoy a realistic look with transdermal hair restoration

Transdermal hair restoration is the most realistic method for hair loss. With this method, an artificial skin graft is made to fit the thinning area of hair perfectly.

It then creates a natural look of growing hair by being adhered directly to the scalp. To ensure the natural look of the transdermal hair, we will require the customer to come in on a monthly basis.

The American Hair Loss Council endorses this method!

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